Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Failed To Create A Phonebook Entry" (Modem Connecting Problem)

Sometime we get this message or similar kind of message every time when we try to connect our mobile broadband. Most of the time it's happen in "Huawei" modem. When we click connect option then the above error is shown. Most of the time we think, this is Internet connection provider problem. Actually it's not. We solute this problem by performing a simple activities. A file named "rasphone.pbk" is work for that phonebook. When this file is broken or corrupt then we encounter this problem. For solution this problem, we just delete that file. The file location is 

For XP  C:\Documents and settings\All user\Application data\Microsoft\Network\Connection\Pbk
For Vista C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk 
For Win 7 C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk or
 C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Network\Connection\Pbk

 After deleting the file please try again to connect . If the problem not solved till now then perform the following action :-

Go tho the "Run" option from start menu or press from keyboard (Windows key + r). Now type "services.msc" and then press "enter". Now you will appear a console named "services". Now find the service named "Remote access connection manager". Double click the service and select "General" tab. Now select the "Manual" option from the dropdown under the "Startup type" field. Then click "start" button  and then press "apply" and then "ok". If the service not run please start the following service first :-

"Remote procedure call (RPC)"
"Plug and play"

After starting those services now start the "Remote access connection manager service".

After completing all of the task now try to connect your modem again. Hope the problem is solve now.

Another issue for this problem is, most of the time our antivirus protect that phonebook so that any hacker can't hacked our password or email address. Basically "Mcafee Virus scan enterprise" perform that. So we can't delete that file or don't access our internet modem. At that time we disable our antivirus firewall (although that's not good ) or create a exclusion in firewall.

[Note :- Please show your hidden file  and unchecked "hide protected operating file system" before performing that task. It's may be some file are hidden.]

Now try to solve your problem.



  1. thank you very much for your post. it helped me a lot. Today I'm proud to announce that I have fixed my celcom modem problem in which none of the personnel i talked to could. Thank you google for such an awesome search engine and thnk God for my go-getter attitude :-)

    yes, I was very patient and wouldn't not sit till i got it fixed, cos i ain't gonna buy another modem just cos they cant fixed my problem. it works fine on other computers/lptops, tried and tested, same modem n same sim card. Just a compatibility problem [which the phone company can't tell] , and Ive fixed it, thanks to Google :p

  2. I is working fine................Manoj

  3. Thanks a lot it really worked fine

  4. Thanks a lot. I call to ISP Support and they do not give me any answer. You saved my day!

    1. It's my pleasure. If you are need any help next time regarding any issue please email me, I will try my best

  5. thank you so much i have searched many things but could not get the solution...and by using this i got it....but now i want to know that how you have find this solution..???

  6. You are jst simply awesome...thank solved my problem!!

  7. Assalam o alikom....

    i am facing the same problem '' FAILED TO CREATE PHONE BOOK ENTRY"... i have made all the services like

    "Remote procedure call (RPC)"
    "Plug and play"

    started and "Remote access connection manager" but still i am facing this problem...Moreover, i haven't find any file named ' rasphone.pbk' and when i used C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Network\Connection\Pbk that folder comes to be kindly tell me what to device is operational for other computers but not working for this particular one....

  8. Thank you very much.
    The solution works well!
    I had to delete the file in hidden_pbk also.

  9. My god, since how many days I was trying to connect but now successful. Thanks you very much for the solution.

  10. thanks your information.. i hope success for your